All 149 passengers and 8 team participants onboard Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 were killed just minutes after the plane took off from Addis Ababa early Sunday morning. The huge lack of existence from the crash has raised a bevy of new questions about the safety of Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft–the second such crash concerning the 737 version in a depend on months.

In the respect and names of these human beings long past for all time, there are probable to be a sequence of complaints. An attorney who specializes in this vicinity of law defined a number of the problems at play here during a phone call.

Justin T. Green is a partner at Kreindler & Kreindler, a law company that specializes in aviation injuries, private harm claims, and complex civil litigation. In an interview, he informed Law&Crime that at the same time as it’s too quick to say for positive what prompted the crash itself, Boeing very probably may be on the hook right here.

Green referenced remaining October’s crash of Lion Air Flight 610–in which all 189 occupants were killed because of troubles with Flight 610’s attitude of attack sensors and the automated device the aircraft used to accurate what the ones incorrect readings cautioned.

“Boeing manufactured those airplanes and designed the device,” Green informed Law&Crime. “The plane takes over for the pilots as it thinks it is aware of better. It thinks the pilots are doing something that’s going to stall the aircraft. But that information turned into incorrect. So, [the automatic system] pushed the nostril down and the pilots fought it and that’s what induced the crash.”

After that grisly incident, Boeing offered extra guidance to pilots and airways “about how the structures paintings and a way to avoid such incidents,” Green noted. But it could not have been sufficient.

Several court cases have already been filed towards Boeing over the Addis Ababa crash. And if Flight 302 turned into greater or much less a repeat of Flight 610, then Boeing might have a lot to reply for, in line with Green:

Now, now not a good deal later, we’ve another crash. It seems to be a totally comparable incident. If you have got fundamental incidents you’re going to ought to see whether or not the moves that Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration–and different protection our bodies and groups–took after the Lion Air case have been sufficient. It’s a terrible state of affairs for Boeing. It’s awful for the airlines. It’s too soon to say what precipitated the state-of-the-art incident. But there’s sufficient to mention that there’s intense safety trouble with this airplane. If this is the same motive–and there are sufficient facts out right now to make that the leading suspect, then Boeing will have loads to account for.

“If the information of this coincidence is essential that the same factor came about and higher facts or extra facts should have averted it then that’s another purpose that Boeing is probably held responsible to the families and to their customers,” Green delivered, “A lot of clients are not flying them because of these safety worries.”

Boeing was short to the difficulty a declaration noting that the company can be presenting their technical help to Ethiopian authorities. In every other assertion furnished to CNN, but, Boeing mentioned that they did no longer see any evidence suggesting they ought to launch additional protection guidance concerning the stricken 737 aircraft.

“The research is at its early tiers, but at this point, based on the statistics to be had, we do now not have any foundation to issue new steering to operators,” Boeing said.

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