NATO broke away from global regulation and risks “disintegrate” or a battle so as to “smash Europe,” if it does now not trade its modus operandi, Willy Wimmer, the former vice president of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, instructed RT.
As the United States-led military alliance marked its seventieth anniversary on Thursday, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg stated that the bloc stays vital for global protection. “We stand together, fight together, and, sometimes, die together,” he said in a speech in Washington.

Stoltenberg, but, isn’t always putting a chord with the people NATO claims to be shielding, Wimmer believes. The veteran German politician defined to RT Deutsch that “it isn’t always the message that Germans, the Europeans, and even the Americans need to pay attention.”

Over the years, NATO has an increasing number of advanced from an in basic terms protecting bloc right into a “threat to international peace.”

It now serves the interests of Washington, in conjunction with its allies in London and Paris, all while requiring that different countries sacrifice their resources and the lives in their infantrymen to sell the goals of the few, the previous deputy chief of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly said.

Wimmer talked about that Germany spent €10 billion (US$eleven.2bn) in Afghanistan, and the lives of German infantrymen and local civilians have been misplaced “for nothing” after Berlin joined the NATO-led safety project there, launched after America invasion.

Founded in 1949, NATO becomes especially devised as the armed bulwark against the Soviet Union in Europe. When the Cold War ended, the allies should have reimagined the bloc in order for it to match right into a greater peaceful environment, he instructed RT – however, they selected the route of reviving old rivalries as a substitute.

The new standoff on the European continent “contradicts our imaginative and prescient of Europe,” Wimmer stated, adding that Russia has not provided any reasons for the escalation. He additionally said that NATO’s 1999 air conflict against Yugoslavia, wherein bombs were dropped on Belgrade without UN approval, changed into the turning factor which described the employer’s destiny.

After the war ended, NATO persisted to transport eastward, ever towards the Russian border, and recently took steps to expand ties beyond the North Atlantic, looking for cooperation with states like Brazil and Colombia.

Willy Wimmer believes the military bloc should take a completely distinct route. It has to rethink its role and end up a bridge between Washington and Brussels and foster partnership with Russia at the identical time, treating Moscow as “an identical accomplice.”

He additionally gave an as an alternative grim prediction concerning what’s going to manifest if NATO does not alternate its method and modus operandi – the alliance will either “crumble” or move toward warfare with a view to “wreck Europe.”

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