How might you reply to the language row — the protests over the imposition of Hindi?

There is no language imposition and the States are given full flexibility to impart training within the languages that they pick out. As some distance as the 3-language method is worried, we assumed that every line in this paragraph could be read with respect to flexibility. Unfortunately, it became perceived in a different way via people and States and they thought that Hindi is being imposed on them. Now there may be a revised model and the crucial element is that we should no longer get caught up inside the coverage. You make the required changes and move on.

The draft also suggests that personal schools ought to no longer be allowed to apply the word public. What changed into the cause in the back of this?

Public faculties are used in the context of government-funded institutions. If every non-public college begins using the phrase public then not handiest will there be variants within the actual fact, but it is also misleading. Therefore, the word public must now not be used for private-funded colleges. English has enough phrases which may be used to offer it a sensible which means.

Why is so much emphasis being given on coaching multiple languages early in schools?

A lot of studies has been executed inside the area of cognitive technology which indicates that the age among three and eight years is while most mind improvement takes place.

It is across the equal time that students can learn languages without difficulty so the three-language idea is not a huge deal.

Teaching languages early isn’t handiest for the sake of learning, however, is also funding. If a pupil wants to analyze extra languages later then he/she could be able to do it without problems as that a part of the brain became developed better from the studying point of view.

The draft suggests that the Ministry of Human Resource Development have to be re-detailed as Ministry of Education…

There is the distinction among the 2. This is because the policy is set schooling and now not human aid development. Education is greater comprehensive, over-arching than only a human resource improvement.

Why do you believe you studied a single regulator in the better training could be beneficial?

The idea is to combine all segments of education and this is why we’ve encouraged putting in National Higher Education Regulatory Authority.

This manner no longer only short decisions may be taken however they will also be devoid of ambiguity.

IIT-M’s tech development center gives Indian industries get admission to to contemporary technology

The Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development Centre (AMTDC), an enterprise-academia collaboration set up at IIT Research Park with the guide from Department of Heavy Industries, is becoming a main boon for the manufacturing enterprise in indigenization and committing strongly to the Centre’s Make in India program.

With the assist of the AMTDC, Indian organizations are looking to indefinite production competencies with the aid of designing machines which might be on par with, or maybe better than, imported ones. The agencies consist of Jyoti CNC Automation (Rajkot); Micromatic Grinding Technologies (Ghaziabad); Chennai Metco (Chennai); ACE Designers (Bengaluru); MTAB Engineers (Chennai), and Interface Design Associates (Thane).

Indian manufacturing enterprise suffers from a loss of a sturdy R&D base to improve with the contemporary technology on the way to permit it to compete with the nice inside the international. This has led to a lack of nearly 70 percent of the domestic market for device equipment to foreign businesses, said N Ramesh Babu, Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering at IIT-Madras and college in-rate of AMTDC.

The AMTDC is a great instance of academia, enterprise and government collaboration closer to building Make in India products in the capital items sector, which became so far idea of as a hard challenge within the Indian situation, he informed BusinessLine.
R&D assist

AMTDC is a primary of its kind in India that provides history R&D assist to Indian device tool producers, and equips the enterprise with the contemporary generation, advanced via indigenous studies. Thereafter it’s miles become a commercially possible product.

It has already developed technologies along with subsequent generation excessive-precision grinding gadget and diagnostic tool for grinding manner. It has transferred technology to business companions and gained understanding, know-how, and self-assurance in carrying out innovative tasks feasible for commercialization, he said.

The AMTDC, which has to this point obtained nearly ₹56 crore in funding from the government and industry, is currently growing prototypes for 11 industries throughout numerous sectors – aerospace, nuclear, gadget tool, automobile, and engineering, he stated.

NK Dhand, Chairman, Micromatic Grinding Technologies, stated it’s miles crucial that a few of the technology being developed at AMTDC are presently not allowed to be imported from international locations which include the USA, Germany, and Japan due to their strategic dual-use nature.

AMTDC has superb importance due to the fact it is vital to create and nurture a sustainable atmosphere for R&D in applied engineering and production. This will help lead in advanced manufacturing technologies by Indian scientists and engineers.

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