Forty five-12 months-vintage Peddanna from Brahmanapalli village in Gooty Mandal, Anantapur district turned into taking walks domestic on the night of June 27. He turned into followed by way of his daughter-in-law, who had gone to go to her maternal domestic for ‘vadi biyyam’, a ritual wherein a married lady visits her parents and is given numerous things, including turmeric and rice.

As an Anjaneya Swamy temple befell to be on their way home, Peddanna and his daughter-in-regulation decided to forestall and are trying to find blessings after the ritual. The temple priest signaled to Peddanna to go into the temple and take a few ‘prasadam’ (presenting). Peddanna’s daughter-in-law went together with him. The subsequent day, on finding out that a female had entered the temple, the village elders became livid, humiliating Peddanna and his own family in public.

“The temple has been renovated on May 29. Some purification rituals had been finished, and a brand new Dwajasthambam (‘holy’ pillar) has been erected in front of the temple. It changed into introduced for the duration of the village that for the subsequent 41 days, women must no longer enter the temple and the villagers should no longer devour meat so that the purification is not disturbed. The priest possibly couldn’t communicate this rule to Peddanna and his daughter-in-regulation, when you consider that he has a speech impairment. The village leaders had been irritated when they found out. They were worried that the lady’s access into the temple might want to carry misfortune to the village,” said Kadiri SDPO.

BN Subbanna of Human Rights Forum, Anantapur stated that Peddanna, who belongs to a Scheduled Caste (Madiga), was humiliated by using the village leaders in public. “They held a kangaroo court, blaming Peddanna and his daughter-in-regulation for polluting the temple and bringing damage to the villagers. They stated that the purification rituals have to be conducted again, and demanded that Peddanna pay Rs 35,000 to erect a new pillar. Peddanna pleaded that he did now not have so much cash. They subsequently asked him to pay Rs 5,000. In a village, wherein everybody knows every different, such incident simply harm one’s dignity,” Subbanna said.

According to Subbanna, day after today, a few neighbors noticed Peddanna looking distressed and maintaining a bottle of pesticide. When asked, Peddanna confessed that he desired to stop his life after the humiliation he had suffered. Encouraged by his neighbors and a few activists, he went in advance and complained about the police on Sunday in opposition to five village leaders who had careworn him. The police have registered a case underneath the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act. “Scheduled Caste individuals inside the village don’t normally visit this precise temple. The villagers were angry, not simplest because a female entered the temple, but additionally due to the fact she is a Madiga,” stated Subbanna.

The police have said that while the case is beneath research, Peddanna appears to be going back on his tale and may withdraw the complaint. Subbanna additionally said that the police were initially uncooperative while Peddanna attempted to document a grievance, and feature done so simplest after local activists and reporters intervened.

Could those properly defined standard Laws of Life help us better recognize lifestyles’ mysteries while at the identical time provide a solid basis upon which we can receive route and solutions? In short, the solution is sure! By making use of a stage of knowledge and reliance upon those laws of unwavering reliability, we can also soon locate ourselves aligned with effective forces which conspire to lift our lives better up the ladder of pleasure.

If we could receive that all opportunities exist within the gift second and continue to be centered within the Now of lifestyles, consciously allowing the Laws of Life to freely perform through us, we would quickly understand that we are in a co-created global which we’ve non-public duty for bringing into existence. It is through those easy Laws that we’re constructing a new Earth as we end up receptive to our final reason for life itself. We are effective co-creators and existence is our college and playground too.

The Power of the Four Laws of Life

I could concede there are numerous Laws of Life; however, in this put up, we can flip our focus simplest upon four vital master legal guidelines that delivery all of the others. Given that all lifestyles inside the universe of creation is encapsulated within the obstacles hooked up with the aid of certain laws, some recognized and a number of those we’re just beginning to resolve and comprehend. There are four fundamental, usual legal guidelines of the maximum value for human life and these are the only we will address.

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