SNP MP Martyn Day said: “A few easy methods should prevent a family puppy being dumped in a landfill web page.”

Campaigner Helena Abrahams, from Bury, gathered more than one hundred,000 signatures on a petition calling for microchips to be scanned if a cat is killed.

The RSPCA and Cats Protection welcomed the plans.

Bury North MP James Frith stated: “I am certain the debate will resonate nicely beyond here. These are to all intents and functions, own family individuals.”

Jacqui Cuff, Cats Protection’s advocacy supervisor, stated: “The distress of cats’ proprietors not understanding what’s happened to their cats when they’ve been in an accident have to give up.”

After the regulation was modified in 2016 requiring all dogs to be microchipped, Highways England agreed to test puppies observed lifeless at the roads.

Drivers also are legally obliged to record any accident involving a canine.
An RSPCA spokeswoman stated: “We would like to look the same for cats.”

The authorities have stated it is good practice for puppies and cats to be scanned following a twist of fate.

Ms. Abrahams’ marketing campaign Gizmo’s Legacy is called after her very own pet who become killed through a vehicle and cremated with out her expertise. “She was thrown away like a bit of rubbish,” said Ms. Abrahams.

She brought: “If she had her chip scanned I would have had my baby again, and I should have cremated her like all of my different cats.

“People have witnessed cats being thrown into the again of refuse vans. I do not need a pet being left on landfill web sites.”
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