HYDERABAD: The Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts (DTA) website is leaking touchy data like financial institution account numbers, tax-deduction, PAN and pension details of retired State government employees, and the government is in no temper to treatment the state of affairs each time soon. If exploited, the breach of privacy ought to go away retirees at the mercy of scamsters and cybercriminals.

Simply getting into the name, inclusive of ‘Vijay’, on the website https://treasury.Telangana.Gov.In/pensions/index.Personal home page threw up information of all pensioners by way of that name — for example, C Vijay or Rajesh Vijaykumar — an assessment with the aid of The New Indian Express observed. This information included cash transactions or even touchy numbers like the Pension Payment Order (PPO) ID.

The PPO-ID, while copied from that page and entered under the ‘Form 16 Download’ option of the website, famous the call of that particular pensioner, alongside together with his/her cope with, financial institution account wide variety, statements, tax deductions, and different info.

Sections 43A and 72A of the Information Technology Act and Section 43A of the IT Act point out that every time a company frame possesses or offers with any sensitive non-public information or records, and is negligent in keeping affordable protection to protect such records or data, which thereby causes wrongful loss or wrongful advantage to any individual, then one of these corporate frames will be prone to pay damages to the individual(s) so affected.

Section 72A further provides for punishment for disclosure of information in breach of a lawful agreement and any person may be punished with imprisonment for a time period not exceeding 3 years, or with a best no longer exceeding `5 lakh, or with both, in case disclosure of information is made in breach of a lawful contract.

Experts warn of chance; respectable says non-public info will stay on the website till give up of the month
Director of Treasuries and Accounts KSRC Murthy admitted that showing the information publicly became a criminal offense, but introduced, “From across the State, 2.67 lakh pensioners are asking us for details to file IT returns and pensioner’s claims. The DoTA will deliver pensioners Form sixteen to report IT returns… It is going to be on-line until July 31.” Cybersecurity expert Srinivas Kodali warned of ‘social engineering assaults,’ as each person can now get admission to beneficiaries’ bank account info. “According to the Banking Act, beneficiaries’ bank money owed and PAN info need to not be on a public domain. A data protection regulation is the want of the hour,” Kodali said

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