German government said Tuesday that they’ve imposed a 2-million euro (USD 2.3 million) first-class on Facebook below a law designed to fight hate speech.

The Federal Office for Justice said the social networking employer had did not meet transparency necessities for its dealing with of hate speech court cases.

The company stated Facebook’s report for the first half of 2018 didn’t replicate the real wide variety of complaints approximately suspected illegal content material, which in Germany includes anti-Semitic insults and material designed to incite hatred in opposition to persons or organizations based totally on their faith or ethnicity.

It stated there was also incomplete statistics about the language abilities and training of personnel tasked with processing hate speech complaints.

Facebook answered that it complies with its transparency duties under German regulation and “accurately and comprehensively disclosed the number of reports approximately illegal content material we received.”

“We are assured our posted … Reviews are in accordance with the regulation but as many critics have mentioned there are a number of regions in which this law lacks readability,” the organization said in a declaration.

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