A group of pro-gun advocates filed a federal lawsuit on Monday challenging a new California law that bars people under the age of 21 from purchasing firearms.

The lawsuit, filed in San Diego on behalf of two under-21 plaintiffs, as well as groups like the Calguns Foundation and Firearms Policy Coalition, argues that individuals over the age of 18 are legally considered adults and thus entitled to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

“Once individuals turn eighteen, they are adults in the eyes of the law,” John W. Dillon, the attorney representing the groups in their suit, said in a release. “Law-abiding adults are entitled to fully exercise all of their fundamental rights, including their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms for all lawful purposes, not just hunting or sport.”

The suit challenges a law that went into effect in January, raising the age limit for purchasing of long guns, like rifles and shotguns, from 18 to 21. The law, which then-Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed in September, amended an existing ban on handgun sales to individuals under 21 years.

State Sen. Anthony Portantino (D) introduced the measure last year after a 19-year-old gunman killed 17 students with a semiautomatic rifle in Parkland, Florida.

“I was determined to help California respond appropriately to the tragic events our country has recently faced on high school campuses,” Portantino said in a statement. “I feel it is imperative that California leads when Washington refuses to act. No parent should have to worry that a gun gets in the wrong hands and commits a heinous and violent tragedy on our school campuses.”

Brown at the time also signed a package of other gun measures, including a lifetime firearm ban for individuals convicted of certain domestic violence charges and a law requiring at least eight hours of gun safety training for applicants seeking concealed gun permits.

Monday’s lawsuit was filed on the same day the state enacted new regulations requiring background checks for every purchase of ammunition.

“The eligibility checks ensure purchasers are not prohibited from owning or possessing ammunition due to a felony and/or violent misdemeanor conviction or warrant, domestic violence restraining order, or mental health issue,” the California attorney general’s office said in a statement.

The Law of Gratitude

Much like the Law of Love, the Law of Gratitude exists as a by-product of having an open heart. This Law is the key to unlock greater well-being and abundance in your life. One great reason for allowing the Law of Gratitude to flow in your life is because it will promotes endorphin chemicals to be released within the body affecting every cell promoting feelings of optimism, relaxation and happiness. By your body releasing endorphins, simultaneously stress hormones called cortisol and norepinephrine decrease rapidly.

That alone could be reason enough to daily apply the Law of Gratitude; feel great and automatically become healthier! Further abundance comes from the assurance of knowing you are an important part of expressing gratitude, so have compassion on yourself and acknowledge your greatness. If you focus on the personal gifts you have been given along with other points of gratitude, you cannot help but notice that it’s impossible to contemplate negative emotions at the same time.

To understand gratitude is to comprehend opposites since this is how the most powerful, beneficial effects are experienced. This Law is often expressed as an “attitude of the mind” and that is true to a degree. Actually, the Law of Gratitude is initiated from the heart then our mind follows adding imagery to the momentum reminding us of more to be grateful for if we will allow the process to unfold. We sometimes misunderstand the real meaning of gratitude and its expression simply because we again need an opposite or opposing viewpoint to posses the ability to identify that which we are grateful for. It is commonplace for most of the population to identify what is absent in their lives rather than go deliberately in the opposite direction into a treasure chest full objects worthy of appreciation, thankfulness and ultimately reflect gratitude for each.

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