(CNN)It’s July 1, because of this new legal guidelines are going into effect throughout the country these days. Here are the ones you must recognize.
Saving the surroundings, one ban at a time

New York City will start enforcing its ban on single-use styrofoam containers, which carries a $250 quality for the first offense, $500 for the second and $1,000 for the 0.33. The ban might be enforced via health and other inspections.
Fines for providing unmarried-use plastic straws and stirrers are going into effect inside the District of Columbia, although businesses are allowed to keep a small stock for customers with disabilities. The fines may be among $a hundred and $800.

Paramedics can deliver pistols and other gun laws

In Florida, a brand new regulation allows paramedics and physicians to hold guns while responding to conditions regarding energetic shooters, hostages or other risky eventualities.
In Indiana, a regulation provides immunity for the usage of pressure, even by using weapons, whilst someone moderately believes that such force is essential — even in opposition to claims from someone allegedly injured or broken by such force. The regulation also lets in humans to hold weapons into churches, even supposing the church is on college property. The measure becomes signed onstage on the National Rifle Association’s annual management forum in April.
California became the first nation to require gun proprietors to bypass a background test before they should buy ammunition.

Don’t use your telephone even as riding

You can now get pulled over for texting at the same time as using in Florida.
A comparable regulation is being enacted in Tennessee; it will be illegal to examine, write or send textual content messages while riding, document or broadcast a video while using, watch a video even as riding and so on.

Raising the age for purchasing tobacco

Virginia is elevating its minimum tobacco-shopping for age from 18 to 21 unless you’re within the navy. Illinois raised the minimum age to 21, too.

And greater

In South Dakota, kids might not need to fear approximately owing the nation for their lemonade stands anymore. The new law dictates that youngsters 18 and under do no longer must pay sales taxes when promoting personal assets or imparting a carrier if they earned less than $1,000. Another new regulation recognizes O’ceti Sakowin, together with the dialects of Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota native tribes, because of the kingdom’s official indigenous language — making South Dakota simply the 1/3 kingdom in the back of Hawaii and Alaska to recognize an legit indigenous language.
Florida now calls for jails and prisons to offer incarcerated girls with fitness-care products like cleaning soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste and menstrual products.
Revenge porn is now a criminal offense in Indiana, punishable using fines or jail time. Victims also can sue those who proportion sexually express or intimate photos of them without their consent.
Georgia raised the minimal age for marriage from sixteen to 17, however most effective if a 17-12 months-vintage is emancipated from their dad and mom. The age distinction between the couple can not be extra than four years.

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